Space Clay

I spent the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 in the beautiful Isle of Wight in a lodge with my family. It was a well needed rest and break from the studio and I felt refreshed and inspired. About a five minute walk from the lodge was the beach, you could see the spinnaker tower, Southampton and gosport. Whilst strolling along I stumbled upon the most beautiful clay, in rust, grey and blue tones. I was absolutely obsessed and took photographs of it everyday.  

The clay especially the blue looks like the surface of a planet where the scattered stones look like star constellations 


Moon Inspiration

Ever since my degree I have always been obsessed with the culture of the Native Americans. As soon as I discovered the Native American Moon names I knew I had to create a collection inspired on it. This is how Vandermoon came about and I am planning to create a collection for each of the twelve moon names.

January - Full Wolf Moon, also known as the old moon when the wolves howled in hunger outside villages

February - Full Snow Moon, sometimes known as hunger moon when the heaviest snow falls

March - Full Worm Moon, return of the robins, earthworms and maple sap begins to flow

April - Full Pink Moon, the first spring flowers

May - Full Flower Moon, also known as the milk moon

June - Full Strawberry Moon or Rose Moon, when strawberries were ripening

July - Full Buck Moon, buck’s antlers are in full growth mode

August - Full Sturgeon Moon or Green Corn Moon

September - Full Corn Moon, the Harvest Moon is the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox

October - Full Hunters Moon, when the leaves start to fall it is time to start hunting

November - Full Beaver Moon, this moon was also called the Frost Moon

December - Full Cold Moon, nights become long and dark

Harvest Moon Collection, 2018

Harvest Moon Collection, 2018

Harvest Moon Collection 2018

Harvest Moon Collection 2018